Eurostone introduces Fancy Shape Price Calculator

16 June, 2014
Eurostone introduces Fancy Shape Price Calculator


Israel-based Eurostone, leading expert manufacturer of custom-cut and calibrated polished diamonds for the luxury watch and high-end jewelry markets, has launched the Fancy Shapes Price Calculator. This is a first tool of its kind in the diamond industry, aimed specifically at the fancy shapes, in calculating the price points of custom-cut, straight-edged fancy shapes.

“Online-based calculators for round diamonds pricing have been around for a while, “ saif Eurostone CEO Pini Netzer, “but with the Fancy Shapes Calculator, we’re really bringing  a completely new tool into the diamond market!”

Free of charge, the calculator is easy to use. When entering data, it requires users to provide specifications of the size, shape and clarity, and within seconds,  an accurate price quote is delivered.  “Of course, the clients’ final price quote is based on the integration of the latest industry pricing standards, cost calculation and current pricing data acquired via Eurostone’s wide network of diamond professionals,” Netzer added.  “But with the calculator, for our clients we’re taking most of the guesswork out of the equation.”

Netzer, who enjoys a global reputation as one of the best custom-cut diamond cutters of straight-edged fancy shapes, spearheaded the calculator’s planning and implementation as part of what he hopes will be a modernization of the fancy cut diamond industry.

“With the calculator’s introduction, we’ve taken another, but big step to lower the threshold for our clientele,“ Netzer says. “There will much less need for cumbersome fax messages and long telephone conversations to offer customers estimates. The greatest innovation about the Fancy Shapes Price Calculator’s is that it gives watchmakers,  jewelers and designers the ability to calculate their own costs and thus provide a highly accurate pricing to their customers – an option unheard of, until now. This, of course, promises a much smoother production process, on both Eurostone’s and the customers’ end,” he concluded.

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