The way we work

At Eurostone, we often hear this question: “Can you do this?"
Yes, we can. We get a kick out of delivering diamonds that many others in this trade will tell you are impossible to cut and polish. This is what we do best.

We are here to shape
your dreams into reality

The way we work

Eurostone doesn’t just cut diamonds.
Each diamond we cut has been conceived
in the creative mind of our customer.

Our Philosophy

YLet’s get to know each other. After a first introduction, we will look at your designs and their specs. The more details you provide, the better solutions we can offer.
We have an excellent reputation to keep up and like to be careful. Just like you want to do some due diligence with a new supplier, we do the same with a new client.

Our Integrity

Confidentiality is a sine-qua-non in our book. Our clients need to trust us unquestioningly as, by the design of our relationship, you are or will be sharing confidential and precious information to ensure we can execute your order flawlessly.

Looking closely at every single detail of your design


A rectangular or square step-cut with diagonally cut corners and between two and four rows of facets parallel to the girdle, which are located on both the crown and the pavillion. The shape is more commonly used with emeralds, but it also is a popular diamond cut.


A usually small, rectangular top, square step-cut diamond. Baguettes are commonly used as side stones in diamond and colored gemstone jewelry pieces, as well as in watch dials, bezels and bracelets .


The pear shape is derived from the round brilliant cut. It features 56 facets and its girdle outline resembles the shape of a pear or teardrop.


A brilliant cut, with staight cut (sharp) corners that counts 57 facets. The shape is often used in invisibly set jewelry and in watch faces and bracelets.


A square-shaped step cut, with staight cut (sharp) corners.


When a baguette is cut in a tapered manner, it is called a taper, i.e. a tapered baguette. They are often used as side stones in diamond and colored gemstone jewelry pieces, as as well as in watch designs.

Our Accountability

We hold membership in the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), one of the 29 bourses affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). Pini is an Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) board member. Eurostone has been a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2016.

Discover our work

We invite you to take a look at the magic process
of cutting of diamonds at Eurostone.