An unusual diamond Company

Eurostone is an unusual diamond company. The diamonds we manufacture and sell are, without exception, unusual diamonds both in shape and size because Eurostone's clients need exceptional, unusual diamonds.

A Multitude of Diamonds

For nearly 30 years, Eurostone's founder, Pini Netzer, built his reputation as a trusted, expert supplier of custom-cut and calibrated polished diamonds to the high-end watch-making industry, top-of-the-bill high-end jewelry brands, and renowned designers worldwide.

During the pandemic, Alon Netzer, Pini's oldest son, joined the firm full-time, but not before enjoying a stint as a professional soccer player and completing his academic training.

At any time of the day, you'll find Alon, Pini, and their longtime team members pouring over clients' detailed plans and charts for a watch dial or a jewelry design to determine the - often unusual - exact shapes and dimensions of the diamonds that need to be set in these pieces.

Expertise Creates Exellence


Born and raised in Israel, Pini Netzer developed his career in Israel's diamond industry, passing through all the stations to become an all-round diamond expert. Pini is an accomplished cutter, has intimate gemological knowledge and experience, and can 'read' a diamond like the back of his hand.

Pini's son Alon adds: "At Eurostone, we believe in sharing our success with our clients, just as our clients share their accomplishments with us. For us at Eurostone, long-term relationships are the basis of mutual success. With Eurostone's multi-generational management, experience, and understanding of an ever-more competitive market, it's all about giving outstanding service and excellent supplier-buyer relationships.


Our company’s offices and manufacturing facilities are in Ramat Gan, one of the world’s prolific and well-regarded diamond trading centers in the world.


Pini is a veteran member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, one of the 28 bourses affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). He is also a member of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association. All of our team members are experts in their field.
Tens of billions of dollars of diamonds are traded here annually and therefore, we will find and get what we need for you fast, efficiently and at top terms. Challenge us!

The Eurostone Team

Navi Netzer

Front Desk

Pini Netzer

Founder and CEO

Yossi Netzer

Founder and CEO

alon netzer

Online sales manager & webmaster

Meital Finkelkraut

Customer Service

Our Location

Don't expect to see many clients entering Eurstone's airy and elegant headquarters in the heart of the Ramat Gan diamond exchange complex. Before the pandemic changed how we do business in this fascinating industry, clients already relied on Eurostone's unmatched expertise to supply them with their unusual diamond needs.

At the same time, the Eurostone office is buzzing with activity as local diamond suppliers and brokers come in to show and supply rough and polished goods that Eurostone sources in the local market. These stones are then manufactured or recut to our client's specifications, either in Eurostone's diamond manufacturing plant in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, or its polishing studio in Ramat Gan.

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